Tuesday, September 25


I've long hankered for a cardigan in an all-over lace pattern. Alas, it seems the Brother KH950i doesn't share this dream. Sunday dawned nice enough (and I traded in my car - more on that later) but descended into persistant rain, perfect for an afternoon's knitting. I tried knitting a small swatch of lace, but all it wanted to do was drop stitches randomly. The sponge bar, whilst not new, isn't in too bad a shape. I gave up and started a tuck lace cardigan from a copy of August 2012 MKM that happened to be lying around. Luckily, tuck lace does not use the lace carriage, so no dropped stitches.

I have also swatched some stocking stitch on the Passap. Kind of like using a Ferrari to go down to the shops, but never mind.

Yes, the blue midget (Ford SportKa) is to be part-exchanged on Friday for a newer red Vauxhall Corsa. It will save me £880 a year in fuel and tax, hopefully. The Blue Midget is dead, long live the Red Dwarf (which, incidentally, is starting on Dave again on October 4th. Yay!). I shall miss the blue midget for its lovely drive and beautiful colour, but I shan't miss the deep-set, hard-to-read speedo and the £8.50 a day to get to work and back.

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