Thursday, September 27

Reverse, reverse!

I always seem to suffer from "start-itis" in the spring - an uncontrollable urge to start innumerable projects, my attention flitting from one to another like a butterfly. Just lately it's been a case of "finish-itis" - but in this case, either finish it, or frog the dratted thing. Because, let's face it, if I don't like it NOW, and it's not even finished, what IS the point? To that end, "Spring Greens" got frogged on Sunday, and the Drops shrug made from the same yarn might well get frogged too if I make something with the leftover yarn and need more of it.

Rosedale has also been hanging around since Woolfest, because I'm not getting gauge - it's coming out too big, and the yarn (Noro Kochoran) is too expensive to waste.

Not quite sure what this does for my personal Stashdown 2012 objective - because I'm still 5 yarns away from the target 100, and frogging stuff just puts me further away (and I've only three months left this year). There's a strong temptation to create a "frog pond" and just ignore them until January 2012. I'm also getting less hung up on throwing stuff away - if it's not an expensive yarn, and I don't like the result (and can't imagine it being useful as a charity shop donation either) then it's not really worth the effort to recycle the yarn. I'm looking at you, squeaky acrylic.

Resolution - from now on, if I don't like how it's turning out, I modify it or frog it before it goes too far. No more blindly carrying on and being bloody-minded, in an "it'll all work out" kind of way.

Whilst I have things I ought to finish, it doesn't stop me from eyeing up new stuff - Doris Chan's "All Shawl" - and hankering after starting yet another project.

Yep, I got the sickness bad...

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