Wednesday, October 3

Stashdown update #9

The stash is currently sitting at 105 separate items on Ravelry - that's 4 down from last month, which is good - but as I've focused on using up the "bits and bobs" I'm now looking at larger cones, which aren't as easy to use up. I *did* pick up a ball of Patons Smoothie last night (in a fetching spring green) but I'm not counting that as stash as it's to be used for making crochet samples for a book I'm writing. Don't hold your breath, this book has been in progress on and off in my head for more than two years!

I'm just not finding much time to sit at the machines, and when I have had time, I've just been too tired. Last weekend I was a bit under the weather with a sore throat. So I cast on a crochet shawl with some coned yarn I got from Colinette.

How I am going to use up a box full of Denys Brunton Magicolor, and another box full of space-dyed acrylics, I'll never know...

In other news, the SportKa is alas no more, it's been traded in for a second-hand red Vauxhall Corsa. Not as much fun to drive, and surprisingly less storage space, but the petrol needle has hardly moved all week and it's certainly a more comfortable drive. I miss the Ka - we had three years of fun together, and it was such a lovely colour (a metallic blue which tended to look purple in certain lights) - but it had a bit of rust around the filler cap, and waiting another year would have meant that the trade-in value would be practically nil. Silly being sentimental about a car, but it was very reliable.

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