Monday, November 19

FO: Cabled aran dress with matching cowl



Made from Hayfield aran on the KH260, knitted at T5 I think. Lots of leftover yarn so made a matching cowl. I think I might write it up as a free pattern (the cowl, that is - the dress is to fit me!).

The cowl took a while because I kept dropping stitches, but I got there in the end.

I also knitted another charity tee and some socks from this pattern - couldn't make head nor tail of the short-rowing instructions, so just did what I thought. Pictures when they've been grafted.

The Sweet Pea shawl is in the wash, hope to block and photograph it later. I swatched four yarns in the week, so have quite a list of projects in mind, and yet my naughty brain still wants to work on other things. It's incorrigible! I cast on a crochet scarf but might frog it and start again. Not sure it's wide enough.

Oh, and the Estonian spiral sock continues.

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