Wednesday, November 14

Swatching about

Well, I have had the right eye done now - it's not as clear as the left eye, but it's early days. I'm taking it easy this week and staying in at night - I'm going to use the time to catch up with some machine knitting, and that means swatching, especially if I ever plan on reaching that stashdown target of 100. Cough, Hobbycraft have a 3 for 2 sale on yarn at the moment, did I mention I liberated three balls of aran chunky in grey last week? Oops! But I do at least have a project in mind for it (a grey sweater dress with a cable).

So, last night I swatched some white slubby yarn (white with blobs of pink and pale blue fluff), the grey aran, some green lambswool for a sweater I promised I'd knit for himself aaages ago, and some black Bramwell with multi-colour slubs. The lambswool swatch has been washed (and feels a lot nicer than when it was knitted). I just need to sit down, measure up, and chart out some patterns. I suspect the blobby white stuff is going to be a small nightmare to knit, so that will have to be the simplest pattern.

The crochet shawl (sweet pea) is almost finished - one last half-row of crochet to apply. Then I really must get on and finish the second Estonian spiral sock. Last night I knitted a twisted tube scarf out of some mohair I discovered - won't affect the stash total, because it wasn't on there. I suspect it was a Linton yarn, it was very pretty. There wasn't enough of it to do much with it. I cast on for another mohair cowl, in a very pretty rainbow yarn, which is proving to be very hard on the needles - that at least is in the Rav stash. The downside of mohair is it's almost impossible to unpick, so once you've started something, it better be right!

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