Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Free pattern: Simple cowl/snood


Machine: 9mm chunky
Yarn: I used an aran weight acrylic mix
Tension: T5 - T6

Cast on over 50 sts in rib - I used 2x2 rib, but 1x1 rib would be fine. After knitting circular rows, rearrange needles for cable as follows:

ll..ll..   ll.123456.ll   ..ll..ll..ll
..ll..ll   ..l......l..   ll..ll..ll..

The cable is worked over the centre needles 123456.
Knit 5 rows. Cable needles 34 out to 12, put 12 onto 34.
Knit 5 rows. Cable needles 34 out to 56, put 56 onto 34.
Repeat until 180 rows have been knitted. Make last cable, knit a further row.
Transfer all ribber stitches to the main bed, and remove ribber comb. Hang cast on edge onto needles, making sure cowl is not twisted. Knit a loose row on the main bed and latch tool cast off.

Note: if you want an invisible join, suggest casting on in waste yarn and taking off on waste yarn, and grafting by hand.

This makes a cowl suitable to wear under a v necked coat - in this case, it's a "fake" collar for a matching dress. If you want a longer cowl so that you can twist it, adjust the amount of rows.

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