Wednesday, November 28

Stealth crafting...

I'm still beavering away on the spiral sock (heel now turned) and I need to finish up the parrot head tonight as the recipient is off "oop north" Thursday eve. She may have to swim, with all the flooding. We've managed to escape the worst of it as our house is not close to a waterway. The parrot head just needs a little embroidery.

I've made the front/back and neck of a black jumper - plain stocking stitch, as the yarn contains primary  coloured slubs. Need to cast off the sleeve I left hanging on the machine, and knit the other one. I used up a pretty cone of mohair making a simple 1x1 rib scarf  on the chunky machine at the weekend - 51 stitches and kept going 'till the yarn ran out. Not sure if I'll keep it or gift it yet. Also made an infinity cowl of sorts from some leftover yarn that came with an estate sale. I'm pretty sure it wasn't in the Rav stash, and the cowl is a bit thin (no, I didn't swatch!). It's a mohair blend yarn that I suspect came from Linton Yarns. I might see if anyone fancies it, otherwise it'll probably go in the bin.

I think next year's vague goal should be to knit more using the patterning functions. Just because it's easy to do plain stocking stitch on a knitting machine, doesn't mean I shouldn't branch out a bit. I may need more plain yarn for that, though! :)

Pictures to follow shortly.

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