Thursday, December 20

Rain and more rain

I've just heard the weather forecast for Christmas in the UK. "Rain, dear." Ba-dum TISH! Yes, swiped it off the Guardian - couldn't resist.

Well, apparently I've only one project on the go now - a flowery lacey crochet strip which is somehow going to magically turn itself into a bag. The stitch pattern is from an old Interweave Crochet and is for a stole I think. Seeing as I've forgotten which size hook I was working with, I'm not expecting it to be finished any time soon. Whoops!

I picked up a copy of "99 Snowflakes" and am crocheting away, so far I've made 1.5 of them. The vague plan is to make a few and stiffen them with wood glue before they go on the tree before the "big day", although at the rate I'm going, they're more likely to be ready for next year, haha. There's also some last minute xmas knitting, which is causing me no end of troubles despite the fact it's just 2x2 rib. Humph. The machine knitting elves visit us all from time to time, and I'm no exception alas. Friday night, or possibly Saturday, will be round two. I shall not be thwarted!

Tonight's the third xmas "party" this week - the works do was on Saturday and the Coventry Knit Wits went for a fabulous mezze meal at Habibis yesterday - tonight it's a buffet with the Manor House knitters. I have made some savoury biscuits.

I'm pretty organised on the xmas front - everything except one item is wrapped, and the food order just needs a few additions. The last of the cards was delivered by hand this morning (had hoped the Cog would oblige, as he and his brother work in the same building, but alas it's too much for him to cope with!). The tree is up, but looks even more drunk than ever (himself tried to stop it from leaning; it now leans in a vague S shape a la tower of Pisa!) and the star refuses to stay upright. Work's been nice and busy this week - hoping we might get to go home early tomorrow but not holding my breath as it's not xmas eve.

Best wishes to all for a peaceful Christmas/peaceful holidays, and a joyous New Year.

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