Wednesday, December 12

Some more FOs

Mohair scarf for a child, simple mesh of 1tr, 1ch crochet. Found a lonely ball of this when looking for something else, must have come with an estate sale.

Stashbusting crochet scarf, the pattern looks like squares but it's actually a row by row pattern. Discovered that beads sit better (for a reversible item such as this) if just pushed onto the loop instead of threaded up at the beggining.

Tuck-away tote. It's finished, bar sewing on the second disk at the end. Although it came out the right size, it's rather shorter than I thought it would be. Not sure how much use it will be!

Sideways machine-knitted baby hat, another stashbuster. This is from Diana's pattern, although I didn't hang a hem, I just left it to curl. You can't see the edge anyway in this photo.

Not at all knitty, but the estate where I work had a wreath workshop, and this was my attempt. I think the pine bits were a bit big, but never mind. There's both mistletoe and holly in there!

Oh, and this arrived in my inbox today - Knit for Peace. They want lots of knitted items for various causes. Go take a look!


Unknown said...

Hey! I love your tote! I am actually working on that, but I'm wondering if I am doing it wrong. It has worked its way into a huge circle. I am on the last row but it still doesn't have the bag shape. Did I do something wrong?

steel breeze said...

Yeah, I thought it came out a rather odd shape too. Can't remember what I did now, think I did some decreases on the top to bring it in a bit.

Anonymous said...

This is Kayla commenting from a different computer. Hmmm, I had to decrease my quite a bit in the end. Thank you for your help.