Tuesday, January 15


Managed to shut my finger in the car door on Monday morning, so spent some time in casualty waiting for the x-ray dept to open. Nothing broken, but it's going to put a stop to my handknitting for a week or two :(

Before I managed to mangle myself I'd made some inroads to a grey jumper - I was up to the armhole shaping. I'm also part way through an afghan on the knitting machine. It's made up of five panels, I have knitted three of them and am in the process of joining them. The pattern is the fairisle/celtic afghan from scanthecat but I am using pre-programmed patterns from the KH950i, not the peacock pattern.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch, indeed! Glad to hear it wasn't broken!

A few months ago, I accidentally shut my dog's tail in the car door. Poor thing! Thank goodness his tail didn't break either.