Tuesday, January 22

Slightly less ouch...

Well, the finger is healing gradually. I noticed that the fingernail isn't growing anymore (or rather, its neighbours ARE growing and it's becoming obvious it's not keeping up). It's gradually going black. I've managed to crack on with some handknitting (hoping my tension hasn't changed much) and some machine knitting. The finger is kind of numb - that weird feeling like when you've been outside in the cold and then come inside? Swollen and warm. I still can't crochet - it requires grip 'twixt left index and thumb and trying to do it with the next finger along just isn't neat enough.

Ironically, the more disgusting it looks, the less it hurts. It's also ironic that I have a major urge to crochet when it's the one thing I can't do.

The blanket just needs an edging added and then all the ends to be woven in. I'm onto the front of the handknitted jumper.

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