Monday, January 28

The yarn gods

Discovered via a new member of Coventry Knit Wits that Coventry Food Bank has started a clothes bank and are asking for hats, scarfs, gloves etc and - get this - I can drop them off at a pub on the way home. How cool is that? I have a boxful of hats and things that were going to get posted, but this is much easier. Plus they can have my old winter coat, it's in good nick, I just went off it.

So of course, my next thought was, hmmm, what yarn(s) can I use for this? I've gotten rid of a lot of cone ends lately, and I'd rather use cone ends if I can because it's more efficient. Of course, despite hitting 100 again on Rav the correct yarn is somehow still not on hand for this!! :)

Well, it seems the yarn gods or somebody up there was listening to me, because the Cog's mum just gave me a big bag of oddments that will be perfect for charity knitting. There was also about 700g of peach cotton which may be joining my stash because I bought a Paton's pattern for a crochet beach top but never got around to getting the yarn (I'd link to the pattern but cannot find a pic anywhere! Shame!).

I guess it's just a funny coincidence. It tickled me, anyhow.

I'm onto the first sleeve of the Melange jumper, and onto the last side of the MK afghan. Looks like I can crochet again, albeit not with my usual left-hand death grip. And the snow (which hung around 10 days) thawed in as many hours. Hurrah!

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