Friday, February 22


I had a Toyota knitting machine briefly last year. It was very pretty, being cream and red and had hardly been used. I sold it on after the MKKI day, but discovered there's no "what fits what" table for these machines, so I've started one here. It's still a work in progress, so if you can help me correct it or add further info to it, please email me on the address at the right. I understand the whole range was immediately withdrawn after a visit by Toyota staff to the UK. When the CEO's wife discovered that Knitmaster and Brother were considered "the best" in Europe at the time, she demanded that production stopped. And it did. This is according to Anne of MKM. Talk about the tail wagging the dog! I didn't really play with mine enough to get a feel for it, but users say they are lovely machines to work with. Spares are very scarce now of course.

Himself has gone off to Austria for a week's snowboarding - the flight was delayed two hours whilst they changed 'planes. Trying to decide between a weekend of jaunts to local towns for shopping etc or a weekend in - it'll partly depend on whether or not it decides to snow. Feeling a bit headachey with brain fug, and although I intended a trip to the gym tonight I might just stay in and hit the exercise bike instead.

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