Tuesday, February 26

Naughty Miss Swiss...

Well, I managed to finish up the pink 4ply with a simple baby cardigan on the E6000:


This is from the Metbury Baby book. Norman (he of Passap People yahoo group) sells the Metbury titles and the proceeds go to charity I believe.

However, far less fun was had trying to make a baby blanket in the same lilac yarn:


The top half is all needles in work on the back bed - incredibly hard to knit. The bottom half is 1x1 rib (which is how it is cast on). I followed the instructions, the pattern is for 4ply and the stitch size is 4. It's not impossible to knit, but even the motor baulked at it and I couldn't face 400 rows of it. Rather cross, because I followed a published pattern and it didn't work. No, I didn't swatch, it's a baby blanket for charity, it did not seem necessary. Sometimes I just want to sit down and knit, dammit! Thought that was the perfect project for it, but apparently not.

So after an hour of struggling with Miss Swiss, I chucked the covers on her and turned my back on her and started a simple vest top on the KH950i instead. Hoping the insult might buck her ideas up. Perhaps I just have a tight Passap? Who knows? Either that, or 4ply is rather too vague a yarn thickness.

Got some sewing up done on Sunday at a friend's house, I still have one more jumper to sew up and it's only two seams, but as it's chenille I need to dig out a coordinating yarn. It will get done, though possibly not this week.

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