Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Machine needles comparison - updated

Diagram of a machine needle

I took possession of a collection of knitting machine needles from a fellow machine knitter in London, so have updated my machine needle comparison table here. It's set for viewing only, so if you have updates, corrections or additions, please leave them in the comments and I'll make the changes.

When the collection arrived, I must admit I was expecting a small A4 folder or some A4 sheets with nicely mounted needles. It seems she received large amounts of needles of the same size, a lot of them vintage. I will be offering the extras for sale on Ravelry for a small donation to the Guild of Machine Knitters and postage, and anything that doesn't sell will go on Ebay.

I have needles for the following:
  • Singer 1200 - approx. 237 needles
  • Jones/Brother 588 - approx. 308 needles SOLD
  • Empisal 360/360/SK560/700/600 - 21 needles
  • Brother 800 series - 44 needles SOLD
  • Orion/Swiss Magic - approx. 162 needles SOLD
  • Vogue - approx. 207 needles
  • Toyota 787 - approx. 227 needles SOLD
  • Toyota 747 - 207 grams of needles (10n = 21g) SOLD
  • Singer 2300/2500 - 953 grams of needles (10n = 23g) some still available
  • Knitmaster 2500/3500/4500 - approx. 166 needles SOLD
  • Brother standard ribber needles, 254g SOLD
  • Unknown fine gauge needles, ABC = 12.3, 4.6, 1.4 (8 of these)
  • Silver SK860 needles, ABC = 17.4, 7.2, 1.6 (approx. 20 of these)  SOLD
  • Silver? unknown needles, ABC = 13.75, 5.65, 1.4 (approx. 15 of these)
Amounts are approximate because I must admit I lost the will to live trying to count them all, which is why some of them I just weighed them instead. Please contact me (email address to the left) if you want any of these, Paypal only please, will post worldwide.

Edit: Update to sold status

Edit 23-07-2018 update quantities

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Brenda said...

Do you still have needles for the Toyota 787? I can't find them anywhere.