Friday, March 22

Snow joke

It's a very late winter in the UK - it's been snowing hard today, although the ground is just warm enough in the Midlands for it not to settle.

Managed to accidentally pull off the broken nail this morning when removing the sticking plaster I was using to protect it - the new nail is kind of lumpy and about 4mm too short so that finger is rather tender at the moment. Will put a stop to more crafting for a day or two I think, as it's going to catch on yarn. On the funny side, I did knit myself a "finger" to protect it and took it to Manor House last night, they thought it was a willy warmer but said it was "too small" :)

Off to the NEC to represent the Guild of Machine knitters at the Hobbycraft/Sewing for Pleasure show tomorrow (my ahem-ty hemth birthday). If I don't get snowed in!

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