Wednesday, March 13

Not a knot?

I've been creating a "what fits what" table for Toyota knitting machines. Info about this brand seems quite scarce online although there are a few useful resources mostly courtesy of those wonderful members of the Toyota Yahoo group. If you know of any changes or corrections I can make to the table, please let me know! I only owned a Toyota briefly - it was very well made! I just didn't need another knitting machine.

Whilst I was scanning through Toyota manuals, fruitlessly looking for "this knitting machine works with x device" information, I found this knot:


It's very easy and not at all bulky! Anybody know if it has a proper name? Beebell on the MK Rav group also pointed us towards a video for this one - ingenious!

My poorly left index finger continues badly. The dead nail is now up by about 2mm on the left side so it keeps catching on things. It's only still attached to the nail bed by a centre strip of about 8mm wide. Looks pretty gross, too! 

And to add insult to injury, I've been doing a lot of handknitting on a top-down yoked cardigan in the Noro Kochoran I picked up a year ago. The rows right before the armhole split were in excess of 200 stitches, and I seem to have knit (knat?) so much that I gave myself a big blister on my fingertip. Doesn't hurt though so I shall probably carry on knitting... especially as I have now got past the armholes and... it fits!!! It looked so big on the needles I was certain I'd miscalculated somehow because I'm not know for my mental arithmetic abilities. Numbers change in my head when I'm trying to do maths and that's why I'm more comfortable with a pencil and paper or a calculator. Often wondered whether it's a mild form of numlexia.

So, what else - oh, I have started the divide for the front on the Design F cotton summer top, but I might need to frog it back a bit. I have to decrease one treble every row on the neck edge, which is easier said than done when working a lace pattern where not every stitch has another stitch worked into it. So I think I might have decreased a little too fast.

The blueberry shortcake top is in time out - it's very hard to keep the edges straight when working back loop double crochets and I think I may have inadvertently added extra stitches to the bottom edge, which will make it flare out. Probably need to frog 20 odd rows there I think.

So the project of choice currently is the yoked cardigan, because it's straight stocking stitch for 100 odd rows and even I can't possibly mess that up, ha!

I've been doing various updates on the Machine Knitter's Treasure Chest website so if you haven't checked it lately, why not? You might have to right-click and reload/refresh on some of the pages. Hey, I'm entitled to plug my own website - it costs me money and earns none! :) I am debating changing its name though - "Machine Knitter's Treasure Chest" is such a mouthful and it never sat quite right with me (it was chosen after a poll on the big yahoo group). Suggestions gratefully received. It was the MK Index for a while too! Perhaps plain old "Needles of Steel" would be better?!


maliz said...

In Germany the knot is known as "Kreuzknoten" or "Weberknoten" (weaver´s knot) as it is used to repair broken threads whilst weaving.
I hope your fingers will mend soon.
Have a nice day!

Dharmafey said...

That's just a square knot--a lot like the typical "granny knot" as you use to double-knot your sneakers, but much more stable and strong. When tying, initially cross your threads left-over-right strand, and then right-over-left strand (it doesn't matter which way as long as you do the opposite)