Tuesday, May 28


Made two pairs of socks on the CSM this weekend:



A test knit of some fingerless mitts with leftovers:


The weather was nice enough that I took some photos in the garden:



bleeding heart

flowers white

Went a bit mad in Hobbycrafts and bought some cottons for kumihimo braiding:


I did pick up some braiding silk from Rainbow silks, but it is really thick, not quite what I was expecting.

A belated birthday present from one of the Cog's brothers:

I had to force myself not to buy 200g of angora and a 2.75mm circular needle this weekend, to knit a bolero from it...

I need to take a break from handwork, my right index finger's main knuckle is really hurting and the joint is swollen. Hoping it's reversible, whatever it is. Crochet seems to be the worst.

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Mary Triller said...

I love the socks Jane.

Hope the knuck heals quickly!