Monday, June 3

Busily doing nothing...

Well, almost nothing:


Charity tee with some crochet on the sleeves


What I learnt - never follow a pattern blindly. No idea how this will fit over a baby's head. So this will probably go into the circular file :(

Went to Uppinghams to get this:


So how come I also came home with this?


And yes, it IS chenille. I still have the purple that gave me fits over xmas in the great white-squat-jumper debacle of 2010. Shudder. But it was soo pretty...

Worked about half way around the frill on the swirl blanket (my hands want to type swill blanket for some reason). Left index finger major knuckle still killing me, so got it x-rayed this morning, will get results next week. GP mentioned the dreaded A word. Let's hope not! Even drinking a cup of coffee hurts! Consquently, as that finger feels like it is on fire, I've done very little handwork lately, in the mistaken hope it will heal up. I'm hoping machine knitting doesn't count. Have also taken ibuprofen but it seems to make no difference. I do have some voltarol at home from the cricked neck incident so that will be the next stop I suppose, if it's not gone out of date.

Clearly, 2013 is not my year for hand health. Luckily the left index finger is healing well and the new nail is almost back to normal.

To distract you from my woeful lack of content, some pictures of my knitting tools:


My DPNs, mostly KnitPro, in a case from Nics nots.

I picked this case up at Wonderwool last month:


but it only works if kept vertical (some of my hooks are elsewhere). I think I might modify it and replace the fastening with ribbon instead, I think it will work better then. What do you use to carry your knitting and crochet tools?

Summer finally seems to have arrived, managed to sit out in the garden yesterday for a few hours. It's about time!

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