Sunday, October 27

FO: ribbed CSM socks and a jumper

Fibre Flurry was cancelled this year and probably won't run again - a pity, because I never quite made it and had planned to go. Stitch Solihull stepped up (it's a yarn shop inside a garden centre - who knew?!) and ran some workshops and spinning demonstrations. I signed up for Coopknit's "Advanced Socks" workshop. We learnt the magic toe-up cast on, and I learnt there's a M1R and an M1L as well as a reverse YO. We also covered afterthought heels. Came away with a very odd baby "sock" with three heels, but it was well worth it. Also chatted to Babylonglegs and then tore myself away before I added to the yarn stash. I really want to knit some toe-up socks now using that cast on so I will have to break the yarn diet at some point unless I want to use up lots of sock yarn oddments (of which there are too many in my stash).

The weathermen have threatened 80mph winds and storms so we planned to batten down the hatches today. As it was, it was a bit windy but quite sunny at times. Because I am an Aries, and therefore a headlong-charging idiot, I decided to make some ribbed socks on the CSM. Didn't even think to check Ravelry/Youtube first, where there is an excellent three-part video on how to do this on a slightly different CSM (click here for the first part, the other parts should come up on the right). Had I watched this first, I might have made a slightly shorter foot - 58 rows is a tad too long for my size 7s. However, they turned out very well. I probably ought to write out the instructions properly though, because you have to go into the heel in a certain way, and disengage the ribber (slip function and driving pin) in a certain order. The second sock I got the order wrong, and was reminded why you should never be in holding position with the retaining spring off. The CSM morphs into a cylinder of collapsing needles. Like I said, Duh! The video has 20 rounds 1x1 rib, 55 rounds 3x1 rib, 15 rounds half 3x1 and half plain before going into the heel, then 55 rounds in 3x1/plain for the foot. I did 20r 1x1 rib, 30r 3x1 rib, heel, 58 rounds 3x1/plain for the foot. Having watched another video, I've been starting my ribbing incorrectly. I get the waste yarn ribbing correctly, then tie on the main yarn, pull it through the tiny gap and go straight into it. The suggestion is that you engage the ribber whilst it is is in SLIP mode and hang the bar between two plain stitches onto each ribber needle manually. I think this might make a nicer, tighter rib. I'll have to play with that, because the ribber needles start moving outwards a bit ahead of the yarn carrier on my machine.

Anyway, here are the socks:

Picture 280

I also finished a jumper for the Cog:

Picture 278

This is some sort of wool that I picked up at Fairfield Yarns. A smidge too thick to knit on the standard machine, it worked well at T5 on the midgauge. Pattern calculated in Knitware, and I reversed the sleeves after the armhole decreases, so the shoulders are reverse stocking stitch, something I saw on a jumper in Debenhams. An effect you can't see, because he rolled his sleeves up. Hmph!

I've also been having a major chuck out of knitwear.

The Falling Leaves scarf, started in 2007, got frogged on Friday.

Picture 272

Along with these two, which I tried to unpick, failed, and binned:

DB patchwork cable jacket
Took a year to make, dropped and stretched like nobody's business after this photo was taken. Argh!

Blusa queen
Blusa Queen - if I'd modified it for my size, I wouldn't have had to add scads of pineapples on the front. And the sleeves were waaaay too long. A case of carrying on blindly I think.

Well, the clocks went back today and it means coming home in the dark tomorrow, although temperature-wise it's still pretty mild. Himself is making kitcheny noises so I better get down there and help out! :)

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