Monday, October 21

The Handweaver's Studio

I spotted The Handweaver's Studio & Gallery online some time ago and have been meaning to visit ever since. Alas, my last two trips to London were for eye surgery in the West End, so frivolous activities were at a minimum. Anyway, I have visited and they have a lovely selection of threads, including a fancy white one with neon pink blobs called "Exploded Barbie" and some jelly yarn that glows in the dark! Plus lots of lovely books on weaving. I was sorely tempted to buy something, but consoled myself with putting a deposit on a weaving course in March when I'll have more time to peruse the shop (it was right before lunchtime, and my stomach was calling!). We were down in London to see "Rock of Ages" and ended up getting a LOT of unexpected exercise when we discovered our hotel was on the Northern line near Angel, and that line was suspended for maintenance all weekend.

So I'll let the pictures do the talking:

2013-10-19 12.38.42

2013-10-19 12.38.51

2013-10-19 12.39.00

2013-10-19 12.39.25

2013-10-19 12.39.46

Yes, that is the Cog in the bottom LH corner. His ear is famous at last!

"Rock of Ages" was ok but the diction was a little fast at times, and they made rather a lot of jokes about Germans, which felt a bit awkward as we were sitting next to two German chaps. The plot wasn't exactly great but it was good fun.

Got back to Rugby around 3pm and got cracking on some xmas machine knitting, inspired by something I spotted in Debenhams.

Also, because it's funny - Thomas the cat tries to hide in the bedroom at night so that he doesn't get separated from us (we shut him out of the bedroom because he doesn't settle and wakes me up). He managed to get into this bottom shelf, but clearly did not fit.

2013-08-06 23.00.39

He also likes to hide inside towels draped over the radiator, and seems quite put out when he's discovered. He does have several cat beds but prefers the office chairs or the floor.

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