Tuesday, October 15

My "new" toy....


Actually, not all that new. I picked this little beauty up second-hand over the summer, a Husquvarna Rose embroidery machine. I've always hankered after an embroidery machine but prices for new machines are pretty high and I'm just dabbling at this stage. Because the living room has been in chaos most of the summer, with the decorating etc, hobbies have had to take a back seat. So I only really got to grips with it on Sunday. Took a while to figure out how to wind a bobbin (you leave the needle threaded otherwise it plays havoc with the tension - who knew?!) so for a while it was making a really weird, tight stitch on the underside, but I think I finally figured it out and managed to test out some of the more interesting stitches.


Yes, the name of my sweetie, aka the Cog, is finally revealed. This is the wrong thread, of course, I just wanted to have a play with it. Haven't got as far as hooping it up and trying a full-on satin stitch shape yet. One of the feet is missing (luckily I don't think it's an important one) and there's a weird white plastic thing with a U on it that I can't identify. It might need a service, I'm not sure. It's very clever though - you tell it what stitch you want to do and it tells you which foot to use and automatically adjusts the tension. And also beeps at you when you try something stupid. Maybe I SHOULD sign up for some sewing classes.

Anybody know how you deal with the threads between the letters? I presume you snip them in the middle and sew them through to the back? Incidentally I have a basic Brother sewing machine to sell if anyone's interested, although I might gift it to a relative yet.


Sew This N That said...

ooohhhh you lucky woman you!!!
What a stunning sewing/embroidery machine :)
I am slowly learning sewing and quilting and have treat myself to a few quilting templates off create and craft this week.....would love to upgrade my old sewing machine once I know if I can get the knack of sewing.......knitting, crochet and tatting I have always found easy for me to do so why oh why does sewing always elude me??? its a mystery lol.

Happy sewing babe :)
*hugs* Heather x

Unknown said...

I have the Brother Disney Embroidery machine (one of the less expensive ones) any ways I use water soluable laundry bags on the back tear away and spritz with water the remaining works great and its not so expensive.
Stphanie Stephanies Studio & Yarn