Monday, January 27

Bits and bobs

Well, the head cold has gradually turned back into a sore throat again. Let's hope the cycle doesn't restart, as himself came back from Austria very late last night with "I might have picked up another cold!" Harrumph! He can keep his foreign germs to himself! I did mean to wait up for him, but fell asleep almost as soon as the light went off.

Not much machine knitting happened this weekend, because I was actually teaching MK to a lovely lady in Hinckley on Saturday, and a lovely lady in Bedworth on Sunday. Although, I did make another reversible hat on Sunday night, I haven't finished sewing it up yet.

Easy handknitted gloves - based on a pattern by Busymonkey but modified to be knitted in one piece. Although, looking at the pictures on Ravelry, I think her thumb is probably nicer.

Simple garter stitch scarf - I love how the cat photobombed this shot!

Ipod cosy - needs a button or something :)

Very small hat - either for a preemie or for a doll, it was all the yarn I had left!

Child's hat made on the SK860. I think that machine needs a good oil, it always seems rather stiff.

And because I never got around to photographing them, the soft weights I made for the CSM, alongside a CSM needle which I don't think fits my machine at all, no idea how it got in the box!

Oh, incidentally, I'm helping a friend put up a website to talk about his CSM collection (amongst other things). Not much up there at the moment but hopefully it will build up into an interesting website.

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