Wednesday, January 22


The sore throat has now evolved into a stinking head cold. Perfect. I may well drown in my own snot (nose behaved long enough for me to not suffocate during my dental check up). Finished the crow foot shawl, knitted with only 3 repeats, as per the pattern, is a bit small but I am planning on blocking it aggressively when my nose stops trying to blow the rest of my head up. I immediately cast on some simple garter stitch gloves with some handspun gifted to me by a friend. The pattern was Verybusymonkeys, but I'm adapting it so I can make them in one piece.

Because, despite being a knitter, I don't seem to have lots of pairs of gloves!

In other news, I am setting up a knitting machine for someone on Saturday, and teaching a newbie on Sunday. Hoping the worst of this snot-fest will be over by then. Right now I could happily curl up in a ball and sleep. Had hoped to enjoy pottering about the house and cracking on with crafty stuff this week whilst the other half is away, but Mother Nature clearly has other ideas.

Oh! Our lovely little local supermarket Budgens suddenly became a Co-Op. Not only have they stopped selling my favourite Brother's Toffee Apple Cider, but they've gotten rid of the free ATM. Thanks for nothing, chaps! :(

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