Tuesday, November 4

Finally FO: Versatile jacket


There was a catalogue of disasters with this jacket. I originally started this in 2011. I failed to make the last piece (the scarf bit). I sewed the sleeves in wrong, ending with a weird extra point on the front shoulders. Then I lost the pattern (turns out it was about 3 feet from our bed for three years, in amongst a pile of other books. I finally knitted the last piece - on the wrong machine, because the SK840 isn't up at the moment - sewed it up on Sunday and steamed it last night.

What do you think? I think it was worth the wait! It's light and drapey and lovely - the yarn is some sort of linen mix, it didn't have a label. The pattern is Ann Brown's versatile jacket (Posh Frocks).

This has to be some sort of record for length of time to complete a project... almost four years, because I started it in Jan 2011!

Current mood: pleased

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