Monday, November 3

More socks and house hassles



Two more pairs of socks for the Etsy shop - I do love this Drops Fabel yarn, lovely to knit with!

I finally managed to finish an Ann Brown jacket I started in 2011 - I'd sewn the sleeves in wrong and then lost the pattern and hadn't knitted a final piece. It just needs steaming and a photoshoot. Feels good to get the UFO list down!

The sciatica has been playing up this weekend, so it makes it hard to sit still for very long. Saturday we finally chose and ordered a new shower - our tray developed a fault, and because the 750 square size is no longer made, we have to rip the whole thing out. The next standard size is 760mm, so for the sake of 1 cm.... so NICE to be forced into doing something right before xmas. Still, it will be nice not to have to shower in the bath anymore - where we can't leave the shower head attached to the wall, because the wall is not tiled all the way up.

Current mood: relieved

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