Thursday, January 29

Free pattern: Sideways MK fingerless gloves


Machine: std 4.5mm gauge machine
Yarn: Any oddments of sock yarn 3-4ply
Tension: 5

Make 2 alike

  1. Cast on with waste yarn over 52 sts, knit a few rows and end with carriage on right. 
  2. K 1 row ravel cord RC000
  3. With main yarn and T5, K 38 rows. Set carriage to HOLD - carriage should be on left
  4. Put needles 5R to 26R into Hold
  5. K1 row (COR)
  6. Put 5 Ns opposite carr into hold, K1 row
  7. Put 1 N nearest carr into hold, K1 row
  8. Rep rows 6 and 7 until only 6 sts left in work in the middle of the bed (RC47)
  9. Put all needles from 26L to 4R into UWP and K 6 rows (RC53)
  10. Put all thumb needles back into hold except middle 7, K 1 row
  11. Put 1N nearest carr into hold, K1 row
  12. Put 7 Ns to UWP, K 1 row
  13. Rep rows 11 and 12 until all thumb stitches (26L - 4R) back in work. Break yarn.
  14. Put all Ns into HOLD, and pass the carriage to the right (free pass) COR (RC63)
  15. Put all needles from 5R to 26R into UWP and knit 8 rows (RC71)
  16. Cancel HOLD, K38 rows on all needles (RC109)
Break yarn, leaving a tail 4 x the width of the knitting, and scrap off on waste yarn. Graft the cast on and cast off edges together and weave in ends.

  • You might subtract multiples of 2 rows at (15) if you find the finger part too loose. I tried leaving them out altogether and felt it made the thumb hole a bit too tight - only advantage being you don't have to break the yarn
  • I added a row of dc, a row of tr and some 5tr, 1dc shells to mine; you could add rib before grafting instead to counteract the natural curl of stocking stitch. 
  • If you don't fancy grafting, cast on with e-wrap instead, knit the last row @ T10 and latch off instead. You'll have a seam down the outside of the hand. 

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