Tuesday, February 3

Free pattern: Sideways garter st fingerless mittens

Picture 005

These were inspired by various patterns I've seen on Ravelry, but these are made all from one piece, so there's only one seam to sew up at the end. The first thumb keeps all the garter st appearing to go in a vertical direction (see above), the alternate thumb angles it to run parallel along the thumb. Either will work! I haven't tested the second thumb yet, it's on my to do list.

Yarn: Oddments of DK
Needles: 4mm

Cast on 30 sts (could use provisional cast on here)
Knit 32 rows garter stitch (k every row) until the knitting covers the back of the hand

R33: Knit 20 sts, turn
R34: Knit 16sts, wrap and turn
R35: K16, turn
R36: Knit 12 sts, wrap and turn
R37: K12, turn
R38: Knit 8 sts, wrap and turn
R39: K8, turn
R40: Knit 4 sts, wrap and turn
R41: K4, turn
R42: Knit 8 sts, wrap and turn
R43: K8, turn
Rep rows 42 and  43, adding 4 more stitches until 20 sts have been knitted

Next row: Knit across all 30 sts
Next row: Knit 32 rows garter stitch (or however many you knitted for the first half of the hand).

Cast off and sew side seam. Make 2 the same.

Alternate thumb
R33: K20 sts, turn
R34: K4, wrap and turn
R35: K4, turn
R36: K8, wrap and turn
R37: K8, turn
R38: K12, wrap and turn
R39: K12, turn
R40: K16, wrap and turn
R41: K16, turn
R42: K20, turn
R43: K20, turn
R44: as R40
R45: as R41
R46: as R38
R47: as R39
R48: as R36
R49: as R37
R50: as R34
R51: as R35
R52: Knit 20 sts (to end)
R53: Knit across all 30 sts.

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Sande Francis said...

I love garter stitch. I love mitts. I love simple. What's not to love about these mitts??