Monday, February 16

FO: Fingerless mittens and CSM mittens


Some simple fingerless mittens, in a discontinued yarn called "Loweth Wools Polka". Making some black ones now.


Made them just to try them out. An interesting experiment, but a 72 cylinder is too wide for fingers really, and I think the knitting machine is easier and more adaptable for these. My fave pattern is this one by Gerda Stitt - I offered to host it when Geocities closed.

Having started the cat on something to reduce his thyroid function - he's gone hyperthyroid and has started eating us out of house and home whilst simultaneously losing weight - it came as some surprise for him to go completely the other way this weekend - lethargic, hiding, not eating at all and unable to poop. A mad mercy dash to the vet this morning revealed nothing amiss except a tender behind (because he keeps licking it) - we're going to leave off the thyroid tablets for now, not much point if he's not eating.

Current mood: relieved

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