Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Needle positions on a knitting machine

Knitmasters use A, B, C, D (see also Silver, Empisal, Studio, Singer)
Brothers KH830 onwards use A, B, D, E (see also Knitking). Vintage Brothers may have C, D1, D2

Knitmaster    Brother
A                    = A
B                    = B
C                    = D
D                    = E

A position – non-working position (NWP) will never knit
B position – working position (|WP) will always knit stocking stitch
C/D position – upper working position (UWP) some machines will use this for patterning i.e. some needles will be in C/D position and some at B. Which needles are patterning depends on the pattern selected (tuck, slip, fairisle etc)
D/E position – holding position (HP) in combination with the holding lever, the knitting stays on the machine but does not knit.
Used for knitting wedges, sock heels, or partial knitting eg for holding the centre and one side of a sweater front, whilst you knit the other side. To return needles from D/E, either cancel HOLD (knits all needles back to B) or push selected needles to C/D (knits selected needles back to B and leaves everything in D in place). 

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