Monday, April 27

Unloading the camera

Just some pics of a few finished objects, and a few things in progress.

Picked this up at the Nottingham show (King Cole Bamboozle). Isn't it pretty?

It's going to be a long waistcoat

Made myself some socks yesterday. Well, why should the etsy shop have all the best stuff?! :) (Lang Jawoll Magic)

Upside down, but this is the start of another blanket. And yes, the magenta IS that bright...

Bit of a miscalculation with the placemats - (a) there are only three, should have been four and (b) over-felted them. And (c), they were all supposed to be the same size. Whoops!

Current mood: leg hurty, but I've been driving, hopefully it'll wear off soon.

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