Monday, April 27

Myths of machine knitting

  1. The machine I put away in 1985 will work straight away

    Alas, no - you'll probably need a new sponge bar at the very least, and probably need to clean and relubricate some things.
  2. The machine I paid £400 for in 1980 is still worth that

    There are some deluded folks on Ebay that think machines somehow appreciate in price. I suspect the only things that do that are jewellery and maybe artworks. You wouldn't pay original price for a twenty year old car. Why should a knitting machine be any different?
  3. You just load up the yarn and it knits for you

    Nope. Casting on - by hand. Shaping - by hand. Casting off - by hand. Cables - by hand. Moving the carriage back and forth - by hand (and can be quite labour intensive). Where would be the fun in a machine that knitted for you, anyway? Unless you needed 50 sweaters the same, for some reason.
  4. Machine knitting is cheating

    So those are hand-sewn clothes you're wearing?!
  5. It's a machine, therefore I don't need to swatch

    Only if it's not size critical, eg a scarf. Otherwise, yes you do, and you still might not get the results you expect. It's quicker to swatch on a machine, so why skimp on the preparation?
  6. "I can buy that item at (bargain store) for half the price". Well, go right ahead. My stuff is one of a kind, but if you want to look like everyone else, that's up to you. 
What other myths can you think of?


Ana said...

What a great list, indeed!

Anonymous said...

absolutely correct - your list is so real, all said!
Thank you :)