Thursday, May 28

FO: CSM socks (tropical)


Made these at the last Manor House meeting, and just got around to grafting them. Not keen on the colours myself, it was yarn I won in a competition, so these are on sale on the etsy store.

Thought I'd do a quick post on how they get finished off.

They come off the machine like this (the pink is waste yarn and the red thing on the right is my cast on sock):


Some careful snipping of the waste yarn later, at the points marked with a green cross, and we get this:


I graft from the knit side, and I do it loosely, and then tighten up as I go. A good graft should be indistinguishable from the rest of the sock:


When I get near the end, the waste yarn gets tucked inside:


I finish by oversewing three times, and weaving the yarn in and out three times:


At the other end, I oversew again three times then weave the yarn down and up one of the ribs - sorry for the blurry pic, I could just NOT get the camera to focus.


Hey presto, the finished pair:


In other news, I've had no end of trouble with my camera, a Nikon Coolpix - every time I wanted macro, or to turn the flash off, it offered to delete a picture instead. Finally backed it up, and did a reset all (actually, the backup was unnecessary as I did it with the SD card out of the camera). The buttons are working correctly again. Hooray!

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Anonymous said...

Agree with you about the yarn, it wouldn't be my choice either, and you can't always tell how it will be when it's in the ball, but someone will love it.