Wednesday, June 3


Anybody remember the Crow Prints shawl? Which I royally bodged up, by failing to put a "yo, k1, yo" in the middle? It came out a rather weird shape because I suspect I did remember for the first few rows as I was following the written instructions. As soon as I switched to the chart, disaster. Never mind, I was permanently turned off orange at a young age thanks to mum's bonkers orange geometric wallpaper in the kitchen (which was something like this, but more regimented). No offence mum!


Well, I'm clearly one sandwich short of a picnic, because I started it again last night (in a different yarn). I'm determined it's not going to beat me! Picture shows progress last night, waiting to be strapped to this device for yet more spine stretching.

In other news, I finished the ripple afghan, I just need to weave in some ends and it's done - and I'm about 65% - 70% done with the heart blanket squares. I'm also onto the back of the bamboozle cardigan. All other projects aren't getting a look in at the moment.

Current mood: sore

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