Monday, February 8

FO: red reversible hat and other knitting

So I thought I'd try and make some progress on the lizard ridge jumper, which I started in 2014:


But I didn't make any notes on Rav, other than it was T6 and it was supposed to be a cardigan.


So anyway it's now going to be a slash neck jumper with plain arms. The back is done, the front is just awaiting a bottom band (knitting garter st bands by hand) and then I need to find the original tension swatch (ha!) and calculate some sleeves on Knitware. I unpicked something that was either meant to be a sleeve, or a front. Oops. Oh well!

Some not great pictures of a quick reversible hat I whipped up yesterday:



If I could just figure out a way to make the Every Other Needle to Every Needle bit lie flat (the red crown), it'd be perfect. Looks a lot better on a human than it does on the bed, too.

Oh, and a gratuitous kitty shot, just because he looks like such a cutie - and not at all like Eddie noneck stripeytail devil rocketboy...


Current mood: Off to work, but wishing I could stay at home knitting! :)

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