Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Machine gauges: a rough guide

There are a few keen newbies on the Ravelry forum, trying to figure out what machine(s) would suit their needs, so I ran up a little graph to indicate very approximately the yarn gauges each machine covers.

mk gauges

This doesn't take into accounting doubling the yarn (knitting two or more ends together) or knitting on both beds with every needle, which tends to halve the thickness the machine can handle (full needle rib or knit/knit in Passapese).

For 4.5mm read also Passap 5mm (but you might not get DK through it!). For 9mm read also 8mm. Click on the picture to embiggen, Flickr seems to want to play silly Bs on my PC and is showing a rather large blow up of just one corner. Gah.

We had a rather late night last night - a meal for two at Loch Fyne in Kenilworth, then home for bubbles and belgian chocs (too stuffed to eat dessert at the restaurant). The occasion? The 14th anniversary of our first date. I'm such a lightweight, I fell asleep on the sofa but woke around 1am. I'm ready for my bed tonight, but am teaching sock knitting at the pub before I can sink into sweet oblivion. Moral: don't drink on a "school" night - it's not worth it!

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Sara said...

Thank you! Has one of the keen newbies, your generosity in sharing your knowledge is SO appreciated!