Tuesday, March 29

FO: Autumn sweater



This was knitted at T7 on the midgauge, King Cole Twist Aran, a yarn I picked up at the NEC in 2015 (suspect it might be discontinued). Garter stitch bands and lace hearts worked by hand on the machine. I need to either get a garter bar, or knit that bit by hand next time. It was very tedious! There are bits where the yarn was less marled and more a plain colour, which was a bit annoying. I have quite a bit of this left to knit up. Debating whether to add fringe to the hem and neck - it was the original plan, but perhaps it's too much? Will fringe the swatch and see if I like it.

Have finished all the parts for a cardigan for a commission, it just needs sewing up tomorrow night and then some buttons. The pins and needles seem to be easing off a bit; have tried to stay away from too much hand-knitting lately but it's not easy when I've got things to finish. There's a limit to how many things I've got that need frogging. Thank goodness for machine knitting - I'd be climbing the walls otherwise!

Current mood: relieved

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