Monday, March 21

Yeah, yeah...

See, this is what happens when your stash hits certain (ahem) levels and you decide to try not to acquire any more because you're planning on redecorating your craft room and thus going "cold sheep". You go to the annual Hobbycraft show at the NEC (to help out on the Guild of Machine Knitting stand) and buy... a coat, instead... they also had a lovely blue one, but at the price I could only afford one. Well, my current winter coat, though perfectly sound, is now a bit on the big side - my "mid season" coat, a lovely black corduroy with silver lining, has a propensity to lose its buttons so much that it spends more time waiting to be mended than it ever does being worn, and I recently donated my rain coat to charity. So this coat replaces three - yep, it's amazing how one can justify almost anything! I did also buy a small handbag from a charity craft stand and a crochet hook case. Not one scrap of yarn, though! To be honest, there were only 4 yarn stands anyway (plus a few other stands where they had a small amount of yarn). Part of the thing hardening my cold sheep resolve is that I'm only just knitting up some yarn I picked up this time last year... :)

We had lots of lovely machine knit samples and garments on display on the stand, and lots of interested comments.




Himself got back from a week's snowboarding, sporting a lovely bruise on his thigh where he fell off the draglift. That, and he somehow managed to headbutt a pint of beer whilst laughing, so has a black eye and a small cut. Yup, definitely the start of a drinking problem... :)

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