Sunday, July 31

A Lutterloh toile

Thought I'd better make a toile of some shorts I'm planning on sewing, as I don't have a lot of the planned material (and it was the end of a roll). I was expecting to have to add more fabric to the back and take from the front, my side trousers seams tend to skew because of the way I stand, but these fit really well! No zip and no waistband, and I'll probably make them a bit longer if I can squeeze it out of the fabric, because I was hoping to make more of a Bermuda short - I only seem to be able to get short-shorts for women this year, and even that's getting tricky now as the autumn clothing is now appearing in all the shops.

Picture 057

Picture 059

No, I'm not pregnant, it's just a very weird camera angle to try and get my legs in the shot, and yes I do have a little middle-aged spread, although in my head I'm stuck at about 28 :) I really do need to clean that mirror, too! Feh...

If anyone has the Lutterloh system, these are pattern no 3 on the leaflet that comes in the front of the book. They have back darts, four front pleats (my first!) and turned up leg cuffs.

Current mood: energetic and excited - which is great, but it's late here and I really ought to be sleeping! :S

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