Sunday, July 31

Tony Bennett swatches / Fibre East

Belatedly posting these samples from a few weeks ago because I never got around to taking pictures at the time.

Picture 064
Flat seaming

Picture 061

Picture 062
"Windows" technique, and drat it if I can remember how he did this right now - it was hand-manipulated anyway...

Picture 065
A bit of partial knitting, with a doubled cast on and cast off edge which would look better if I hadn't changed the yarn.

Picture 055

Picture 056

Fibre East - another case of, took my camera and even hooked it into my belt and STILL I only thought to take pictures of the Guild stand, rather late in the day, and nothing else. Oh well. Heather did a fantastic job coordinating everything to put the display together, and the eagle-eyed blog readers amongst you might even spot two of my garments. I only did the saturday and the weather stayed kind - as the carpal tunnel is still hanging on I refrained from buying any yarn although I did pet plenty. I bought a cute little woven shrug (think Saori weaving) for wearing on cool evenings, and a needle threader because despite not wanting to admit it, I do need reading glasses to thread my sewing machine needle. As luck would have it, we were in one of the first buildings you come to when you enter the school, so we were very busy in the morning before people tired themselves out with all the yarny loveliness! :) So it was very busy in the morning, and calmed down after lunch. I'm not sure we signed up any new members BUT we demonstrated the machine to lots of people who'd never seen one in action, so that has to be worth something.

Anyway, it's almost August! Yikes! I must a-bed! :)

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