Thursday, August 11


No craft, not even of any kind, to report folks, hence the radio silence. The Cog and I took our weary selves to Lake Como in Italy for a week, with a boat trip to Bellagio, a drive to Lecco and Locarno, a train trip to Milan on the only day it rained (and Milan was not very interesting, although perhaps with a map and/or a decent GPS signal we'd've done better). Lots of good food, sunny weather, excellent conversation, walking, reading, good coffee. Shock to the system to come home from temps in the low 30s to the high teens back in the UK (and as we flew home Monday, straight back to work, too!). Hotel was fine, only 5 mins walk into town and an excellent buffet breakfast featuring 5 different kinds of cake every day (amongst other things). Only thing I missed out on was taking a dip somewhere. Maybe if we go again we'll try and rent a villa with a pool.



I'm not going to bore anyone with more holiday snaps, the rest are here if you are curious. Now I'm back I need to knit a secret item for the upcoming dream week with a challenging boucle yarn, and try and find time (and mojo) to knit something for the ongoing Ravellenic games. The naughty child in me wants to sew some shorts, even though the holiday they were intended for has already passed. There's no accounting for children, eh?! :)

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