Monday, October 3

Bits n bobs

Made myself a craft-themed bracelet from various bits picked up at Hobbycraft:


I was after a decent scissors pendant really - these look a bit bendy!

Made myself another Morsbag with some leftover Kath Kidston curtain fabric:


Cartoon characters (or characters with black edges) aren't very successful on my Husqvarna Rose - the design is always shifted by the time it gets to the black, which is the last thread. Ones with large blocks of colour seem to work ok - if the bobbin thread runs out partway then it can go a bit awry too.

Popped into Knits N Bits stocktaking sale, I'm sure Wendy won't mind if I share her pic:


I picked up an adjustoform tailor's dummy, some coned yarn, some binding wires, a grading ruler, some MK books, and some MK bits for other folks.


I think I might call her Etty - although, I nearly called her something else when she tried to stop me applying the handbrake on the way home! I was larking about with beads at the weekend, hence the necklaces!

The poorly tuck stitch:



I might have a duff needle at 20R

Can't take any credit for this, it's a dress I bought from 2dye4 on etsy a while back:


It's way too big now and I'm wondering if I can somehow make it fit my smaller frame.

Autumn started on October the 1st - it's colder and we may have already had the gas fire on. Himself is home with a head cold.

Current mood: cold

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