Monday, October 10

Charmed and uncharmed

Charmed: I may have gone a little mad for charms at this year's Ally Pally. Lots of lovely yarn and sewing stuff this year though not Doughtys whom I was particularly hoping to see. Not Uppinghams either. I also picked up a point turner, some quilter's tape, some spare bobbins for the sewing machine and some bobbin tidies, plus "Joanna the vest scarf ever" (a scarf with holes in that can be worn as a waistcoat). Didn't think these items were worthy of a picture really!


The large scissors at the bottom I can wear on a neck chain. I'm glad I bought so many pairs of scissors, as I foolishly wore the charm bracelet in the previous post and almost immediately lost the rather soft looking scissors in the melee. Not a clue what I shall do with the rest of them, they all pertain to various hobbies and interests. Bag charms maybe. From Creatotaal.

Uncharmed: Trying to get a half-decent sample of the Passap E6000's version of card 3. Yep, full of dropped stitches (green) and doubled stitches (cyan). Next attempt, if there's time, I'll be using the comb as weight, because this is just not acceptable! One or two dropped stitches I could repair, but not this many!

tuck error small

In other news, I'm almost done on another dress, bar the sleeves, and I have sewn "Needles of Steel" labels into lots of my jumpers. A silly thing, but it tickles me to see them.

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