Wednesday, March 29

Easy Peasy Poppy Pattern - machine knit

Reproduced with kind permission of Alison L aka Monadelphus on Ravelry. Originally posted on Ravelry.

Pattern below is for a chunky machine:

Needed a very quick and easy make for an upcoming knitting show. Using DK yarns, and 9mm machine, bring into work 20 needles. Make a weaving brush cast-on with black yarn, then k1r. Change to red yarn, starting at either end, bring into H 3rd and ev. foll. 5th needle. Set carriage to hold, and K4rs. Cancel hold, and at largest stitch size, k1r. Break off yarn and make a latch tool cast off. When off machine, pull up black cast-on yarn, use red tail end join into circle. Tidy ends.

Std version (my conversion):

Weaving cast on over 40 needles in black 4ply yarn. K2 rows. Change to red yarn, hold every 10th needle. Set carriage to hold and knit 8 rows. Cancel hold, k1R at largest stitch size. Latch tool cast off and finish as above.

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