Sunday, March 19

FO: Heel-less CSM sock


Marytheknit taught her heelless sock class last weekend - although I couldn't attend (as I was teaching myself at the time) she showed me an example so I thought I'd give it a go. I thought she was teaching yoga socks, literally heel-less and toe-less - so I'm glad I asked what she meant! I think the Americans would call it a tube sock, in that there is no heel shaping at all - so one size fits all. The toe is hand-knitted and decreased over 8 points. It's not obvious from the picture, but the toe ended up quite pointy and nipple-like - especially since these are hot pink in colour! They were comfortable enough to wear all day at the NEC show but I think the next pair might have an amended toe shaping. This pair are 20 rnds 1x1 rib and 140 rnds 5x1 rib. The advantage of this sock is it's quicker to switch back to 1x1 rib from 5x1 rib for the second sock.

Did pick up some yarn at the NEC show (from that famous "Black Sheep Yarn" stand - I defy any knitter to resist a jumper's worth of yarn for £24!) and a necklace kit but otherwise managed to resist. Almost bought some batik fat quarters (because I need more fabric stash, not!). Last year I ended up buying a £249 coat, if you recall. Well, it was/is gorgeous!

Feeling somewhat apathetic at the moment as himself is off snowboarding again and the weather continues grey and grim, apart from the odd flash of spring sunshine (by flash I mean, about 60 seconds!). Took Mum for an early Mother's Day meal at Loch Fyne yesterday, followed by a quick walk around Abbey Fields - it really wasn't the weather for hanging about much though!

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