Tuesday, June 6

FO: Crochet blanket, hats, hybrid sweater

A finished blanket - apols for the mess, it was a quick mad dash photo whilst himself was unloading his car this morning.

More hats, mostly made with blanket leftovers

My hybrid sweater - not too sure about the big neck though!

Slightly better shot of the Agnes top...

Elsewhere online, a seller of intarsia patterns on FB is complaining that I shared a link to her patterns (I won't give her the oxygen of publicity/drama she craves by naming her)- she didn't secure them, but apparently that's my problem not hers? Sorry, but if you are too lazy to sort out your security, you probably want to revisit your business model. Or step away from the computer, you're too daft to be let loose on the internet. 'nuff said...

Kind of like painting a rude word on the side of the police station, and then complaining when *gasp* folks actually READ it... Sigh. Some days it's not even worth chewing through the straps...

Current mood: amused

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Anonymous said...

Oh I saw that. She complained about copyright then said she used to design pepper pig patterns etc until trading standards stopped her. Cracked me up..
Pot kettle black sprang to mind