Friday, June 9

Of Facebook, and Ravelry, and cabbages, and kings

...with apologies to Lewis Carroll!

After Wednesday's little FB snit, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised I got kicked out of a knitting group (!) - the woman with the tenuous grasp of file security is also the owner/moderator of the group. The thread also got deleted which I will take as an admission of guilt. I won't hold my breath for an apology, I'll suffocate! :D So if you do happen to get a link when you buy patterns, don't assume it's for public use. The owner might just be very, very careless. Ha!

Another group suddenly got archived yesterday - not one I regularly frequented, but a lot of useful information, some of which was uploaded by a Passaper who has since passed away. Seems on FB you are at the mercy of the mood of the admin/mod. Because of the first situation I went hunting for a Facebook Moderator "Code of Practice" - and drew a blank. Yup, FB is the wild west saloon of the internet as far as I can tell. Thank goodness for Ravelry - they have proper, sensible guidelines (you'll have to be a member to access that, sorry!). One of the roles of a moderator is to quell disputes and calm drama - not start more!

It's far easier to find stuff on Rav anyhoo - I've spent about half an hour looking for a sewing pattern number I'm positive was shared on FB (because I fancied buying it myself) and no luck so far...

Made a skirt from the leftover "tossed alphabet" fabric, but managed to cut two tiny nicks near the hem. Think some crafty interfacing might be in order. Oops, and damn my sharp cutting scissors! Serves me right for rushing it... There's still enough fabric for a vest or something. Definitely a matching scrunchie too, natch!

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