Sunday, June 18

Hot and bothered

Well, the Guild of Machine Knitters AGM went off very well. I didn't get much chance to circulate or take photos, as I was demonstrating my CSM. It was a tedious drive down there (so much for the Fosse being a straight route - pity everyone else thinks so too!), but the Premier Inn in Frome was comfortable and the food at the attached Beefeater very good too. Pity the salted caramel apple crumble was off, I really fancied that!

Anyway, a quick photo roundup:


A selection of challenge garments

Newsletter garments

Fantastic knitted doll's house, there's even a kitkat on the sofa!

Lots of cake!

Loved this punch lace garment.

Guild business in progress

We could not have asked for better weather, in fact the fashion show was curtailed as it was just too hot to move! I have a few items to post and sort out and then I'm done. It all got put back into the garage and I was just too hot to deal with it yesterday.

Having just said that, I did make another lutterloh t-shirt and finish off a skirt in leftover "tossed alphabet" fabric, so expect pictures soon. I also have some handknit socks to photograph, some CSM socks to finish and I finally pressed the pink hybrid jumper and it looks a lot better now, though I'm still not sure about the neck...

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