Sunday, August 13

Festival of Quilts

Decided I would take a trip to the Festival of Quilts show at the NEC. Some beautiful quilts on display, and very busy! Felt like somewhat of an interloper as I do not quilt. Nearly bought some neon bright fabric but talked myself out of it, of course I was kicking myself later because the shop doesn't sell online. Rats. Oh well, it was too loud for garments (yes, even for me!). Ended up buying two African butterfly hair clips and some convertible trousers. Oh, and some scissor charms. Lots of luscious fabrics, but I refrained.

Only downer of the whole day - not a single functional ATM at the NEC, and only one working one (the kind that charge you). Having spent £17.50 on a ticket, and £6 for a programme, not to mention £12 most would pay to park (I parked at work and walked over), I think a free ATM or two is the least the NEC can do. Very disappointing, especially as there were other shows on this weekend. Luckily for me, a stallholder took pity on me and gave me £20. According to another stallholder, I wasn't the only one unhappy about the situation. Oh, and the cafes were all rammed - ended up grabbing a snack at the Starbucks outside, where I could at least sit down.

Have made a start on the Neat Wave pattern, but using the pastel kit and not the recommended one. So far it's mostly pale orange and beige. Found it a bit tricky to start with, but after a while it's quite easy to tell if you've gone "out of synch" on the pattern. I charted it anyway:


T for a treble, h for a half treble, x for a double crochet. Couldn't find a crochet font and anyway this is clear enough...

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