Tuesday, August 15

It's annoying...

...to admit defeat, but I'm not happy the way the colours of my moorland blanket (crochet) are turning out - mostly oranges and beiges. I'm on row 14 ish and heartily wishing I'd bought the right yarn kit now. Oops. Oh well. Think I might frog it right back to the first rows, and knit it in a rainbow progression instead. I just need to work out what that is. Either that, or I buy the right kit - we don't really need two blankets.

In the meantime, I'm still plugging away at the baby blanket, which does not require any colour changes thank goodness - the yarn does that for me!

Bizarre dream about attending a works reunion, but sitting in the middle of the pub reading. Then deciding to go home - for some reason I had a cloth shopping trolley, which contained a full rubbish bin (!) - stopped at some public loos on the way home, and was accosted - which was enough to wake me up. Odd.

Eddie is in prodigal mode - would not come in last night, came in for breakfast this morning and demanded to go straight back out again. A large hedgehog was spotted on the lawn last night so maybe he has a new friend?

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